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Living in the land of the rich and famous can be tough on your everyday fashion enthusiast. Many women in Los Angeles, and other big cities, possess the means to purchase whatever their hearts desire and often hire professional stylists to perfect it all. This may seem impossible to compete with for your average day citizen but it’s easier than you may think. By combining high and low end pieces, knowing where to look for inspiration, and recognizing when to splurge and when to save, I’m here to show you just how easy it can be to create a wardrobe that oozes timelessness and style, all while on a budget. Everyone deserves to be chic,glamorous and, dare I say it, iconic.

Stassi with brown leather purse and skirt

Stassi rocking a brown leather purse and skirt ensemble!


Due to this fabric’s durability, leather has long been associated with the rugged types, be it cowboys or bikers. While this correlation still holds true to a certain extent, the use of leather has shifted in the fashion world. It started with the leather jacket in the late 1940s and 50s, when celebrities began donning them nonstop (how can we not forgetGrease or “The Fonz”). While decades have gone by with the leather jacket always remaining a safe staple,  it is only in the last few years that leather has taken on a new personality in fashion; and this season is no different. The only difference? The options are endless. We see leather dresses, skirts, pants, and even tops. There is no garment safe from the leather movement, and I’m overjoyed to say that this once-trend is now turning into a fashion classic. After seasons and seasons of the luxe leather look, it only gets heavier each year. The fabric that was once reserved for greasers, goths and motorcyclists,  is now fashion-forward, sophisticated and chic. While many of us may not have an understanding as how to incorporate this into our everyday wardrobe, I’m here to show you how easy it is to master the art of leather, be it real or faux.

How to wear a black leather dress

How to wear a black leather dress


The key to finding the right leather dress lies in the structure and fit. Since the fabric is heavy, the frame of the dress is crucial. Here I have a faux leather fitted sheath. For those of you who would prefer something less body-con, a structured A-line provides the same amount of structure while giving you room to breathe. I personally feel that juxtaposition in the clothes we wear is what makes an outfit unique and divine. With that said, because leather is “tough” looking, find ways to add femininity to the outfit. Here I paired the dress with romantic sparkly necklaces and bright purple sexy pumps.


This may be one of the harder ones to master.  A leather top isn’t a typical go-to item in your wardrobe. It’s all about mixing different fabrics and colors with the top. After you’ve found a leather top that works with your body type, try a high-waisted or ladylike skirt. Again, it’s all about juxtaposing the hardness with a womanly touch. Here I paired some muted grey suede heels with minimal jewelry.


Because we are working with a skirt, feel free to go as girly and demure as possible with your blouse. Lace and chiffon are great options to balance the skirt. Here I paired my faux leather skirt with an ultra-conservative cream blouse. I always advise showing one major part of skin, so because this skirt shows a lot of leg, a blouse that covers your top half looks sophisticated and refined.

Sporting gorgeous leather pants!

Sporting gorgeous leather pants!


This is probably the easiest piece of leather clothing to mix and match with. A flirty feminine blouse tucked in or hanging loose is perfect for a date or cocktails with the girls. A cotton fitted sweatshirt and some ballet flats make this easy for day. Here I decided to meet in the middle, with a brown semi-fitted poncho and a pair of classic black suede high heels.


For those of you who aren’t completely sold on an all-leather clothing piece, almost every designer now produces clothing with leather embellishments. Be it a leather stripe on the back of a tank top, leather pockets on a pair of slacks, or a trench coat with leather linings; the point is that you can partake in the leather look in subtle ways. Here I am wearing what would be a normal dark camel oversized sweater with a pair of jeans and black closed-toe wedges. The leather sleeves give this what-would-be average outfit a bit of unexpected edge.

And so, with that, enjoy the luxe life.

Fashionably yours,